Digital Imaging: Photo Contest

I decided to enter Viewbug Photo Contests. It is really for promoting beginning photographers and helping get traffic to their work. It was easy to submit lots of different contests and many of them you can enter for free. You also can win great prizes for a lot of the competitions. I entered five different completions so far: Composing With Spirals, Rule of Thirds, My Best Shot, Black and White Portraits, and Macro Masterpieces.

To enter the contest, I just when under the Photo Contests tab and selected which one I wanted to go for. That took me to a page explaining a bit more about the competition. I then hit the blue submit photos button. There I can select a photo I already had uploaded or I can upload a new photo. I did so and then hit continue.

It pulls up a page that looks like this. Here I can rename the photo, add a description, mark for adult content, add a watermark, add tags, and add categories. I add the link to my original blog with the image in the description. After that I submit it and it took me to the gallery showing my image with all the other entries. This can give you a lot of inspiration and also look for the things that you could potentially do to make your images stand out more.

Composing With Spirals

April 3, 2017

Frozen movement captured in the spiral of blue food coloring in a clear glass from up above.

Tags: #blue #water #spiral #frozen #white #abstract Composing with Spirals Photo Contest


Rule of Thirds

April 3, 2017

Taken in the old hotel in Bannack Ghost Town, Montana.

Tags: #ghost #NativeAmerican #fur Rule of Thirds Photo Contest


My Best Shot

April 3, 2017

Cranberry juice frozen in fall.

Tags: #juice #frozen #black My Best Shot Photo Contest


Black and White Portraits

April 3, 2017

Cowboy youth at Martin’s Cove Wyoming on a reenactment of the pioneer trek.

Tags: #trek #pioneer #cowboy #blackandwhite #youth #eyes #smile #wyoming #LatterDaySaint #mormon Black and White Portraits Photo Contest


Macro Masterpieces

April 3, 2017

Macro image of a pink flower with water drops.

Tags: #drops #flower #macro #pink #water Macro Masterpieces Photo Contest


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