Digital Imaging: Conceptual Challenge

For this project I had to incorporate three random words and two words of my choice. My random words were: Blueprint (noun), Ring (verb), and Bright (adjective). My chosen words were Create and Time.


When I first drew my words I had no idea what I was going to do for it. I drew out a few sketches which are shown below. This was more of a process from me to get my ideas out quickly and are by no means a great masterpiece.

For this one I was thinking of having a young man or women with their head “ringing” with ideas because they are really “bright” and their ideas show themselves as “blueprints.”

I was thinking of having a “bright” sun “ringing” hope with “blueprint” type structures showing the future.

When I started looking around for props for my actual images however I was able to find some blueprints and an old fashioned alarm clock with a hammer to make it ring. I took them into a dark room and used a bright flashlight as my light source so that it would highlight just the clock. I then took more images of just the blueprints in the brighter location.

For the final image I brought the image of the alarm clock into Photoshop. I used adjustment layers to adjust curves, hue and saturation, and selective color for black. I then copied the original image and used the dodge tool to bright the clock face a little more.

I then opened the blueprint image separately and used an adjustment layer to inverse the image and then curves to darken the grey that replaced the white paper in the original. I then saved that image and brought in three copies of it over the other image.

I dropped the layer opacity of each of the images and used masking to hide parts of the images. I also added an unsharp mask filter on each of the layers to make the lines more crisp. I then added a new layer and used the gradient tool to add a red gradient coming from the bottom and on another layer I made a blue gradient layer coming from the top. I then went in after all the adjustments were completed and readjusted the curves to make it bright enough to print.


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