Digital Imaging: Fine Art Print

Dorothy’s Kitchen – Bannack Ghost Town, Montana – (February 24, 2017)

To capture this image I set my camera up on a tripod and took 3 separate images which I could later mask together in Photoshop. It was set on a high aperture and kept the same settings for each shot. For the first of the images used to create this image I took a picture of the woman stirring a pot. One person held her skirt up and others helped pick up pieces of her hair. It ass important that they hold the objects so I could later mask them out without having to edit the objects too much. The second was of them holding the different objects up in the air. And the third was of just the kitchen without the people.

In post I started with the plain kitchen image and pasted the image with her at the stove over top of it. I then used a masking layer to remove the background behind her so that you could see the image underneath. I ended up using a low opacity brush to also make the bottom of her skirt and the ends of her hair more translucent. I then did the same with the image of the floating objects. I didn’t like the placement of some of the objects so I copied the layer and moved each object individually, masking out the other images on the layer.

I also wanted to add a few more bottles and another box of rosemary so I copied those layers and tilted them to make it seem like there were multiples. Some fingers were still in the way on some of these objects so I used the clone stamp tool and paintbrushes to cover those up.

I used an adjustment layer of curves to adjust the light. I used a gradient map adjustment layer was used to change the highlights and low-lights. I changed this layer to the soft light mode. I added a slight vignette on a new layer to finish.

To prepare the image to print I went back into the original photoshop document. I re-ajusted the curves to lighten the shadows so they would print with more detail. After printing I realized that I should have lightened them even more. I also adjusted it to the 16×24 size and checked for clarity. I felt like it should be clearer so I added a unsharpening tool from under filters on the combined layer to sharpen the details.

This image was chosen as part of a Student Bannack Photography Display in the Spori building of BYU-Idaho. The images were chosen by the more advanced photography class.


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