Digital Imaging: Reflector Activity

Without Reflector: 


For these pictures we went into a stair well that had some light coming in through a window. Without the reflector I had to bump the iso up and had to depend completely on the light coming in from behind.

With Reflector: 


When we added the reflector in front it brightened up his face quite a bit. It makes it so you can actually see his eyes and it even brightened the background a little bit.


With Gold Reflector: 


We had some fun with the hood from my coat. We wanted something that would add texture. The golden reflector really saved the day because with he hood coming so far down the face was completely dark without it. The gold also added to the fun effect of the fur.

With Silver Reflector – Bending 


Bending the reflector added a nice glow light even when facing away from the sun so he could open his eyes more. It also creates a bit of a catchlight in his eyes that would be missing otherwise.


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