Digital Imaging: Perspective of 12

For this project I had to capture 12 image of the same object. I wanted to focus on something that means a lot to me, so I chose the Lighthouse (El Faro) that I bought in Spain when I was living there for 18 months as a missionary for my church. El Faro was a motto for us and so it has come to mean a lot to me.

It was fun and a bit challenging to look at things with a new perspective to capture the same thing in so many ways. I learned a lot in the process and it has forced me to grow as a photographer. For the background I used a baby blue sheet that matched the lighthouse. For lights I used some Christmas lights and my desk lamp with some tissue paper taped to the front to do a modified light box.

Edits for all the images included creating a copy of the original image to prevent destructive editing. Then I would make an adjustment layer for levels and hue and saturation. After that I would add another layer and paint black on low opacity and flow to burn the edges. I finished with my watermark at full opacity on a new layer and then I would adjust the opacity of the layer depending on the visibility needs of each image.

alexismoser_farotextureBeyond the regular edits for this image I also added a stained paper texture from to create a more weathered look. I did this my dropping the texture onto the image after all but the watermark had been added. I then adjusted it to fit the frame and changed the blending mode of the texture to overlay. I added a mask and erased most of the texture effect off of the lighthouse itself. After that was completed I added the watermark. The texture I used can be seen at the bottom of the post. alexismoser_faroscripturespaintingalexismoser_farotopalexismoser_farotopslantalexismoser_farolifesaverlightsalexismoser_perspectiveof12



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