Digital Imaging: Depth – Deep & Shallow

On this project I was focusing on using aperture to capture interesting photos. I learned a lot from alternating between shallow and deep depth of field. I personally preferred the shallow depth of field because it allows you to make regular objects in normal and even busy settings into something beautiful to look at.

Shallow Depth 


Magnets and Newspapers – Shallow Depth

January 31, 2017; 20:45 MST; Sugar City, Idaho; 120 mm; 1/25 sec; f/5.6; ISO 250; Manual; NIKON D70; studio light

These are some magnets that I found in my mom’s art classroom, hence the paint on some of them. I set them up with a poster board underneath, crumpled newspaper classifieds behind and a studio light to the side. I chose to put the crumpled newspapers behind because they added a fun texture when I used a shallow depth of field. I liked this a lot better than just a plain white background. The nice thing about a shallow depth of field is that you don’t need a plain background to keep the focus on the object you are photographing.


Electronic Board – Shallow Depth

January 31, 2017; 20:50 MST; Sugar City, Idaho; 120 mm; 1/30 sec; f/5.6; ISO 250; Manual; NIKON D70; studio light

My mom has her students do a repurposing project where they have to use regular items to create something else. As a result she has a whole box of old electronics and parts. This is part of a computer monitor. It was fun to take something that is so detailed and water it down into just a small sliver in focus.


Wiffle Ball – Shallow Depth

January 31, 2017; 20:30 MST; Sugar City, Idaho; 120 mm; 1/25 sec; f/5.6; ISO 250; Manual; NIKON D70; studio light

This was a really fun monochromatic. Unlike the glasses in my last project I wanted to keep the line in the backdrop to add more visual interest. So instead of using just one poster board and having it bend to get rid of the line I used two separate boards. Something else I like about this image is that you can still see the shallow depth of field effecting the other side of the ball through the holes.


Deep Depth 


Shelves and Clipboards – Deep Depth

January 31, 2017; 20:55 MST; Sugar City, Idaho; 28 mm; 1/50 sec; f/25; ISO 20000; Aperture priority; NIKON D3400

For this image I actually laid down on the floor to shoot up along the shelves to capture the repeating pattern without capturing the drawings and other art projects that are on top of them. I liked that not only the shelves but the tops of the clipboards were repeating.


Winter Rexburg LDS Temple – Deep Depth

January 31, 2017; 15:45 MST; Rexburg, Idaho; 120 mm; 1/30 sec; f/36; ISO 200; Aperture priority; NIKON D70

Because of late classes and cold, overcast weather I have been having a hard time getting out of doors. It was worth it to capture this beautiful sky though. Again I love the monochromatic look with the blue and pink undertones. For this image I actually got up the hill a ways and then got on top of a snowbank. I love that you can still see some of the details on the buttes behind the temple.


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