Digital Imaging: Past Photos


alexis-moserWelcome to my blog! I am Alexis Moser, a visual media, communications major at Brigham Young University-Idaho. I grew up in the beautiful Idaho Snake River Valley, taking pictures of the stunning landscapes and wonderful people around me.

My mother is a photographer and art teacher so I grew up helping with photoshoots and watching her edit albums. Doing this fostered a love of photography and design in me that has led to my current major. I have quite a bit experience from over the years but I am always learning and growing as a photographer and designer.

This week I would like to share some of my past photography.


Prairie Home Under the Stars: I took these photos a few years ago on a family drive and edited them this summer to get back into using Photoshop. Below you can see the original, the color edited copy, and the stars photo that I used for the final version. I used masks in photoshop to blend the stars photo into the background of the final images to make them seem a bit mystical. I also darkened the edges to make it seem like the pictures were taken at night/dusk rather than in the middle of the day.

Blog post: more on those edits   Stars and Moon photo link


Farm Pictures: I got to take one of my friends out last semester to show them how to take some photos for their humanities class. While we were out, I got to take some pictures of my own. I didn’t make any edits on these pictures.




Senior Pictures: Taking  my little brother’s senior pictures this last year was a great learning experience.  I haven’t made any edits on this photo. I used a shallow depth of field to keep the focus on him and to blur the building he is leaning against.


Mormon Trek Photos: In 2014 I had the opportunity of going on Trek (Pioneer Reenactment) with the youth of my church and their leaders as one of the photographers. One of the other photographers that went was the BYU-Idaho campus photographer, Mike Lewis. I got to learn a lot from him over that week and I got a lot of great photos as well.

Why Mormons go on Trek: “Faith in Every Footstep” by M. Russell Ballard


I took this one while we were sitting in the shadow of some willow bushes. I didn’t even realize what I had captured (the depth and texture in his eyes) until I was looking through them later. By putting it in black and white the photo is more focused on his eyes. Besides the color change and some lighting and contrast edits, this photo is fairly untouched.





Final Stretch: I took this photo on a bit of a slower shutter speed. As a result you can see the movement of the grass as it was blowing in the wind. I did a bit of color balancing and contrast with this image (especially to pull out the reds).

A bit of history: The women’s pull is a section of the trek that is done only by the women (you can see the men watching with reverence at the top of the hill). This is to help demonstrate a time when many of the male pioneers went to serve in the military during the Civil War and the women had to make part of the trek west alone.


Trail Marker: These markers showed the original trails that we were following. I edited for color and contrast in this photo.


Blooming Amidst the Sand: For this image I purposely got low and focused on the cluster of flowers in the sand with a shallower depth of field. I wanted the pioneers themselves to be ambiguous. By focusing on the ground, you are able to see that much of the soil they had to trek through was deep sand, difficult to pull a handcart though. I felt like the blooming flowers were really symbolic of the pioneers that pushed through adversity and faced trials with hope and faith. I only edited for a little color in this photo.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at some of my past work. It was fun for me to go down memory lane and look through some of my old photography. I am excited to get out and take some new shots.


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