Presentation: Informative Speech

Why we have Student Living at BYU-Idaho

panoramic-byui-campus-newAlexis Moser

Brother Spencer Haacke

COMM 273 Professional Presentations

28 September 2016

Video of Informational Speech

Why We Have Student Living

Today I would like to talk to you a bit about one of, if not the largest, student programs of BYU-Idaho. It is actually a program that we are all registered in but not many of us know much about. I am talking about Student Living. Thesis: Why do we have Student Living?

  • What came before Student Living?
    1. Before we talk about what Student Living is, it is important to understand how apartments used to work.
      1. Before Student Living was created apartment complexes used Resident Assistants, better known as RAs. (Dougherty).
      2. RAs worked as monitors.
  • Resident Assistants were brought in any time there was a conflict between roommates, if there was an Honor Code problem, or for any other problem that came up in the apartments.
  1. Essentially Resident Assistants acted as the moms or dads of the apartments, keeping peace and structure.
  2. As a result students were missing critical life skills learning opportunities.
  • Why was Student Living created?
    1. Student Living was created from pondering a question.
      1. In a video released by the Housing and Student Living office, “Student Living History and Principles,” President Kim Clark, recalled sitting in a Housing meeting when the first idea of Student Living was introduced.
    2. They were pondering the question of “How to make the experience in the apartments more effective and more powerful?”
      1. “And the idea came to put the responsibility on them. To move from a model where we were using residence assistants to check up on things and move to something where the students take responsibility (Clark).”
      2. “That meant that we had to educate and teach and really help them take responsibility for what happens in their apartments (Clark).”
    3. “And from there, from that basic idea that I think came by revelation has developed over a number of years as we have learned how to make that initial idea a reality (Clark).”
      1. A council of students was created with one full-time employee at the lead, the current Director of the Housing and Student Living Office, Brother Dougherty (Dougherty).
      2. President Clark eventually presented Student Living to the Education Board of the Church (Dougherty). The Board includes the 1st Presidency and other officers of the Church.
  • The Education Board sustained it unanimously (Dougherty).
  1. After the Board approved of the new Student Living model, President Eyring said, “We have just approved Zion.” (Dougherty).
  1. From there Student Living continued to grow and develop and eventually became part of the Housing Office.
  1. What is Student Living today?
    1. Today Student Living is still based around the three main principles that President Clark presented to the Education Board: love, shared responsibility, and mutual respect.
    2. “Love. This principle primarily refers to our love for God. Loving and caring for roommates will be a natural extension of our sincere love for God (4 Nephi 1:15-16) (Student Living Guidebook).”
    3. “Shared Responsibility. This principle denotes our covenant responsibility to lift, comfort, and care for our brothers and sisters (Mosiah 18:8-9). Shared responsibility affirms our role as our brother’s keeper (Student Living Guidebook).”
    4. “Mutual Respect. The Golden Rule is at the heart of this principle (Matthew 7:12). Mutual respect also includes sharing and responsibly fulfilling obligations and opportunities to maintain the physical and spiritual condition of the apartment (Student Living Guidebook).”
    5. Today the university, ecclesiastic leaders, apartment owners and managers all work together with the students to learn and apply these principles in our apartments.
  2. So what does Student Living mean for me.
    1. Like I said before we are all part of Student Living.
    2. We each have the opportunity to live these principles and learn to “build zions so we can build Zion.” (Daugherty).

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