Visual Media: Stationery

Project 6: Stationery



Business Card (8.5×11 layout):

business cardsNONAME

Business Card (Large layout):

Description: Coordinating letterhead and business card for “Flying Fish Graphic Design”.


I started with a sketch I made of the fish which I scanned and then traced in Illustrator with the pen tool. I then played with the typography and gradients to make the logo.

I then started with the Business cards and added the 30 degree angle to add interest.

I then repeated the angle in the letterhead.
Top 3 things learned:

  1. How to package and zip files for printing.
  2. How to scan and trace your own sketches in Adobe Illustrator.
  3. How to use repetition of elements to create unity between two projects.

Programs/Tools Used: Scanner, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign

Font #1 Name & Category: Gabriola, script

Font #2 Name & Category: Trebuchet MS, sans serif


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