Visual Media: Logos

Project 5: Logos


Description: Three different logo choices for Moser Transportation Inc.

For this project I choose to design the logo for Moser Transportation Inc. company that currently owns and operates FedEx Ground contracts and is looking to branch into home construction and various other fields in the future.

To start this project I began by research. I spoke to one of the partners and asked him what he would like the logo to look like, reflect about the company, and what the business as a whole should be represented as. He requested that the transportation part of the business be minimized in the logo as they are now looking at branching out. He wanted it to look very professional and clean-cut looking. As additional research we had several art classes from Sugar-Salem Junior High create their ideas for possible logos to have the owners look at many styles to see what they liked. Out of the students work this was their favorite.

Moser Logo 1

I used the basic concept of this logo to create my first as it was something I knew the client would like. I started with the black outline around the “M” and then worked with the typography to get it to work better with the shape than the original. I found the the script font I used created better flow into the rest of the logo and lacked the awkward unevenness where they meet at the bottom. I then added contrast in size and better alignment to the rest of the text. I finished it by creating a gradient layer circle under the rest. I preferred this over the original solid color as it made less rigid and divided.

For the second logo I wanted to give them a back and white option that was a little bit simpler. For this I used typography and lines. I placed “Moser” over transportation and drew a line between the two. I then aligned “Moser” to the left of the line and “Transportation” to the right. I then created the other four lines and aligned them to their respective sides. To add more contrast I changed the opacity of the lines so they faded on their way out to keep the focus to the center and create a feeling of motion.

The last logo was a combination of the principles of the other two logos to a degree. It lost the curved lines of the first but gained color that was lacking in the second. It also became more a trademark as it lost the “Moser” and again accentuated the bold “M”. For my draft I had the m meet the bottom but I shank it for the second as it felt to crowded. To mix it up even more from the first two I changed the direction of the “transportation” to run vertically instead.

Top things learned:

  1. How to create for a client and use their feedback.
  2. How to use gradients and change gradients to the way would want them.
  3. How to create and manipulate shapes and text.
  4. How to use the alinement tools to center things in relation to each other.

Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator

Top Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: New Berolina MT, script
Top Logo – Font #2 Name & Category: Avenir, sans serif
Middle Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: Cambria, old style
Bottom Logo – Font #1 Name & Category: Sinhala Sangam MN, sans serif

How the logo represents the company: The first implies motion and mountains. The companies current routes they own and operate are all in mountainous regions. The second mainly implies motion and structure. The last is very bold and masculine which is predominate in their current and many of their future fields.

Votes on favorite logo:

Top Logo = 9

Middle Logo = 2

Bottom Logo = 7

My favorite logo: #1

Client’s Favorite Logo: #3  (more masculine than the first which was their second choice)

Visual Thought Process: 



4 thoughts on “Visual Media: Logos

  1. I think you did a great job with the logos. I love that you made the ‘M’ stand out on all of them and I think all the logos help with showing what your company is about. Great Job!

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