Visual Media: Montage

Project 4: Montage


Description: Inspirational 8.5×11 gradual blend montage with two or more images, typography, and a filter that uses masks in Adobe Photoshop.

Programs /Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop, Nikon D70 Camera

Top 3 things learned:

  1. How to make a montage rather than a collage by using masks to create a gradual blend.
  2. How to use filters to affect the mood the image portrays and make the project more dynamic.
  3. How to use text to greater effect with an image so they complement rather than fight each other.


  1. I started this project by taking pictures of my model outside of a brick building. I wanted to create a montage that had lots of energy and emotion but also really described the model.
  2. To do this I brought the picture into Adobe Photoshop and begin to crop the picture down to pull her in closer. I found that I prefer motion to start by going to the right so I flipped the image horizontally .
  3. I then started looking for a picture that would complement the image I wanted to focus on. I tried several of the other images I had taken but ran into problems with the brick and sizing of the pictures. Also I wanted to be sure that the final project come out as a montage and the results were looking more and more like a collage.
  4. I finally decided that it would be best to start looking at this from another angle and started thinking about the model and her personality. That is when I decided on a long pearl necklace that would loop around her and frame the image in but would also add to the energy and flow of the project.
  5. I pulled the image I found of the pearls into Photoshop and copied it so I could control where the loops led to. I dropped the opacity on all of them so I could see the main picture while I placed them. After I had the situated the way I like I brought the opacity back up and added mask layers to all of them and began to melt them away into the other image.
  6. Next I added the filter. For this I wanted the filter to really add to the image and not take away from it. I actually found several I liked on the image (film grain, dry brush, smudge stick, and watercolor). I ended with watercolor because it matched the overall feel and the pearls the best.
  7. Finally I added my typography. While brainstorming I had decided to have the title be her name with some of the letters to look like they had been knocked out-of-place by her hands in her enthusiasm. I placed this first and realized that there still was lots of room to carefully add texts that would add depth without stealing all my white space. Going along with the brick I decided to add graffiti-like type in the same elegant font. For these words I asked people who know her to describe her and used those words. These I arranged to fit among the bricks in clumps.

Font Used: ITC Tiepolo, oldstyle

Filter Used: Watercolor

Sources (Links to images on original websites):


Picture of the girl was taken by me with a Nikon D70 Camera

Thumbnails of images used:


3 thoughts on “Visual Media: Montage

  1. Very cool. I tried to do the whole flip the image thing before we were taught in class but I could never figure it out. Props to you for implementing that. My favorite part of your project would probably have to be how you did your text. instead of it being just plain text you made it feel as though it was there when the picture was being taken, As if the letters were being thrown up in the air. I think it looks really good. I also thought the secondary image was fun too. I feel like it tells me a little more about the girl in the picture. My thought exactly was, she must be a girly girl and love jewelry. All in all you did an awesome job on the project I really can’t see anything I would change.

  2. I like that we can see more of the beads than we could originally. I like that you used the text, but I feel it could have been better aligned considering how perfectly your image was set up for alignment. I do like that you placed your text on bricks, it’s good use of space. Love the typography.

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