Visual Media: Imaging

Project 3: Imaging

8.5×11 Project



A I took photograph with a Nikon D70 Camera that has been edited/formatted using Adobe Photoshop with changes in saturation/colorization and applying filters.


I took this picture in the gardens of BYUI. I was working on using aperture more in my pictures to lessen the depth of field and applying better composition when a hose in the midst of all the greenery caught my eye.

I took image I got and pulled it into Photoshop. I wanted to make the hose stand out more and add a filter to make it more intriguing to look at. I started by cropping it down to a 6X6 placed on a 8.5×11 background.

The Photoshop I was using is older so after trying to use the selection tools and not getting the desired result I decided to use layers and masks to desaturate the background. I desaturated the whole image and brought the color back into the hose and faucet using the mask tool.

Then I wanted to try some different filters to I saved the image as is and took a snapshot of each filter I liked as I tried them out. I ended up deciding on the smugestick filter under artistic to give it a bit of a grainy-old look.

Top 3 things I learned:

  1. I learned how to add filters to images.
  2. I learned how to desaturate and saturate images or just pieces of images.
  3. I learned how to use the mask tools and layers to have greater control of how my image looks.

Programs/Tools Used:

  • Nikon D70 Camera
  • Adobe Photoshop

6×6 cropped/edited image:


Original unedited/ uncropped image:




One thought on “Visual Media: Imaging

  1. Great motion and flow in your image! I think you choose how to crop it really well and the rule of thirds is present with the placement of the gold-colored metal.

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