Visual Media: Full Bleed Flier

Project 2: Full Bleed Flier

P2 Full Bleed Flier

Description: A full bleed flier created in word to promote an event that will benefit an organization and is hosted by another using a scanned image.
Process: I first started by looking at the images I had available to me to use and developed my event around those. I decided on a “Bake Off” event in the Crossroads on campus promoted by the Chamber of Commerce for the Family Crisis Center. I took that information and the image i used and put them into Word. I used the background remover tool to clean up my photo and used shapes to created the box behind the title. By using the gradient and transparency tools I was able to create the fade to soften the box into the image to help prevent tangent lines. I left aligned everything to help with flow and had the image take up the middle and right thirds of the page.
Top 3 things learned:
1) I learned how to make good clean scans.
2) I learned how to use the background remover tool to clean up photographs.
3) I learned how to fade the shapes using gradients and transparency settings.
Program(s) / Tools used: Microsoft Word and the Scanner
Font #1 Name & Category: Garamond – Oldstyle
Font #2 Name & Category: Arial Narrow – Sans Serif
Scanned images used, sources, original sizes: magazine, 757 x 1401



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