Visual Media: Flier

Project 1: Flier

Project 1 Flier

Description: Black-White Graduate Leadership Conference Flier for Vouant Communications
Process: I started by going through the text and organizing it into what I believed to be the most important and into groups. I then sketched out several ideas of how to set up the basic structure for the flier. When I got the computer I first put everything that I would need on the flier onto the page so I could start placing things where they would need to go. This made me more aware of space and how things came together. By rearranging things, the final developed around the message of the flier.
Top 3 things learned:
1) Left Alignment gives your text more power than center aligned. It gives it a clearer, more sophisticated look.
2) You can leave open space and should. It gives a resting point.
3) Keep trying new ideas and go for bold ones. They usually get better with each try.
Program(s) / Tools used: InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word
Title Font Name & Category: Trebuchet MS / Sans Serif
Copy Font Name & Category: Times New Roman / Oldstyle
Links to all images you used in this project:


2 thoughts on “Visual Media: Flier

  1. Alexis, I absolutely love the photo you used. I love that you made it big! I think we are often timid about photo sizes, but it really draws your eye in and makes you pay attention. I also really like the font choices you used. They contrast well and stand out when needed. Another thing that really stood out to me was proximity. You really know how to make sure everything is in the right place. I love that you made Registration a little bigger so that people would actually know what they needed to do. The only thing I would maybe try differently is to break up the black square on the right. Maybe it would have been more appealing to have a bigger white line in between, or even 2 white boxes under the black text. Overall, Amazing job!

  2. Alexis, I love your design. It looks so put together and organized. I love the way you added in the logo at the bottom in white. The only suggestion I would make is that the title be bigger, so that it looks more important. Overall, I really love it and how you chose to create white lines to separate the boxes, it makes the flier seem really organized.

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